What should a woman do if she feels like she is not getting enough exercise while living sober?

Most people know that they should drink water, but few people actually consume enough water every day. Many sober people get hooked on caffeine. It doesn't help, of course, that coffee is part of the culture of the 12 Step groups. It's not uncommon for sober people to meet for coffee before or after meetings and also enjoy coffee during meetings.

In addition, many consume massive amounts of energy drinks or are addicted to soft drinks. Main Campus 800 Tydings Lane Havre de Grace, MD 21078800-799-4673 Bel Air Outpatient 802 Baltimore Pike, Suite 102 Bel Air, MD 21014443-760-3456. In addition to avoiding the physical toxicity that a night of drinking can have on the body, living like a sober woman will also dramatically improve the quality and consistency of sleep. However, a healthy diet and sufficient exercise should be considered important for those who are dedicated to staying sober and staying sober.